Engineering Consultancy

The modern world is constantly developing and becoming more complicated, every day offering us innovations and demanding new technical solutions. It is important to wisely examine all the diverse and numerous variants and find the best possible solution.
Engineering consultancy is an option of hiring a group of professionals for every stage of a project’s development to select, analyze, calculate and advise on the internal engineering systems of buildings and structures. If you have come across difficult tasks in such spheres as:
  • ventilation and air conditioning,
  • heating, water supply and sewerage,
  • refrigeration,
  • low current networks, automation and traffic control,
  • electrical power supply,
then you can hire our experts and assign these difficult tasks to them.
This will give you a possibility to:
  • save money on project works and equipment supply costs;
  • choose the optimal contractor agency with respect to the ‘price/quality/time limits balance;
  • control the quality of the performed works and used materials, as well as the time limits of the works;
  • make independent evaluation of the accomplished works (quality/volume);
  • check as-built documentation autonomously;
  • select the needed equipment – domestically produced or imported;
  • evaluate the operability and the energy efficiency of the equipment;
  • optimize the expenses for the use, service and maintenance of the installed equipment.
By hiring professionals from OOO Complex Engineering and Technology Center to select and analyze the potential and current expenditures you will receive an evaluation independent from the internal processes in your organization and not serving anybodys interests. We can be autonomous advisers in projects of any difficulty. The engineering consultancy procedure allows you to estimate the time, the volume of material expenditures and the amount of human resources needed to carry out your project. And in any case hiring an engineering advisor gives you an advantage in the effective estimation of investment and operation costs, which in the end will save both your time and your money.