Heat Accounting Units

Energy preservation is one of the most relevant issues in today’s engineering.
It is well known that in Russias severe climate it is difficult to exist without room heating, not even mentioning living and working in comfortable conditions. Hot-water heating is typically used to maintain the necessary room temperature, however many industrial production facilities utilize steam heating. With tariffs for energy sources constantly growing, the need for their accounting also increases. To control the consumption of heat energy enterprises often use a set of equipment known as a heat accounting unit.

A heat accounting unit is a set of measuring instruments, equipment and pipeline fittings that is installed at the point of entry of an energy source in a place where the accounting of heat energy needs to be done. This unit functions to control and register the parameters of heating sources. Depending on the heat supply scheme, different variants of the heat accounting unit are possible, with different equipment components according to the individual features of your premises.

Our company experts will carefully choose, design and install an individual heating plant (IHP) for the existing heat supply system, which will allow you to:

  • Perform financial settlements between the energy supplier and the consumers of the heat energy.
  • Control the parameters of heat sources, hydraulic controls of the heat supply and consumption systems.
  • Control the optimal consumption of heat energy.
  • Conduct automatic self-check and trace any slightest irregularities in the heating system operation and hot water supply, as well as not allow any outside interference in the process of accounting heat energy or any extra expenses.
  • Maximize energy preservation.