Automatic Switchboards

The Complex Engineering and Technology Center Company, in cooperation with the OOO PP TechVent Company, produce Airway ventilation systems. OOO PP TechVent (Airway) is a manufacturer of a wide variety of ventilation, air conditioning and power conversion systems. The company is a modern, dynamically developing enterprise with the production equipped in accordance with European standards.

The product line includes:

  • Panel-framed air handling units (from 3000 to 120000 m³/h with the 100 to 1600 Pa pressure);
  • Automatic switchboards;
  • Rectangular-sectioned and circular-sectioned axial fans (in a plastic casing) (up to 9500 m³/h), the assortment includes the whole standard product range from 30-15 to 100-50;
  • Roof fans;
  • The whole range of components and spare parts for the whole batch of axial fans (blast heaters, coolers, filters, silencers, shutters, etc.);
  • External and internal ventilation grills.

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