Automatic Control and Low Current Systems

Automatic Control

Adding automatic control to engineering systems is an obligatory component of any efficient production. A multifaceted approach to automation allows minimizing human labor, reducing related expenditures and risks of emergency situations, preventing breakdowns or eliminating them at the shortest possible time.

The Complex company helps to automate the following systems:
  • heating and water supply systems;
  • electrical power supply systems;
  • ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • fire alarm and security systems.

Low Current Networks

For proper functioning and safety a building needs a low current system that provides the quality of signals received by terrestrial and satellite television, telephone, Internet, security and fire alarm systems and access control.
Complex Engineering and Technology Center has solid experience of creating low current systems using state-of-the-art technologies and equipment produced by leading world manufacturers.


Complex Engineering and Technology Center installs automatic devices and power control cabinets, assembles engineering systems, programs controllers, operating stations and low current networks. All these works are performed according to the design documentation, operating specifications provided by manufacturing companies and rules of fire safety.

Accurate and professional assembly work influences signal passage, reliable communication, equipment safety and reliability of the networks and systems.
Experienced professionals from Complex Engineering and Technology Center will perform quality assembly of low current networks and automation of engineering systems. The result of our work is uninterrupted operation of the automatic devices and power control cabinets, quality television signal, stable work of local computer networks, steady functioning of fire alarm and security systems, etc.