Design and Development

Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Designing and developing air conditioning and ventilation systems is a necessary condition for proper functioning of civil construction premises (offices, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls) and industrial facilities (factories, warehouses, food production facilities).

Depending on the purpose of the premises, requirements to engineering systems can differ. Public spaces need high productivity and low energy consumption. In industrial premises ventilation and air conditioning must have mostly automated controls.

Heating and Individual Heating Units

The Engineering and Technology Center designs and develops heating systems for supermarkets, shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, logistics centers and warehouses, industrial enterprises and sports centers.

Every heating system project is developed by highly qualified professionals from Complex Engineering and Technology Center based on the technical specifications related to the customers requirements, as well as in accordance with all construction norms and rules. As a result, the customer receives a completely ready project that includes detailed information about how the assembly of heating systems must be performed in an organization or a residential building, as well as all the necessary construction documents.

Water Supply and Sewerage

At the design and development stage we estimate the parameters the systems operation will be based on: volumes of water consumption, water head in the water intake structures. When developing cold and hot water supply systems our professionals select the type of pipework routing, materials for the water pipes, make calculations and choose the necessary equipment.

For cold and hot water supply systems we use pipes made of polypropylene, copper or metal plastic. During the development stage we select an expansion tank, a safety assembly boiler, a loading circulating water pump and a circulating hot water supply pump.

When developing sewerage networks it is necessary to consider the pipes type, the pipeline gradient, volumes of waste waters and other factors that influence the operation of a sewerage system. Engineering a sewerage system is a complicated process that can only be entrusted to professionals. The Complex Engineering and Technology Center experts possess all the required knowledge and significant experience in this field. We take all engineering nuances into consideration and guarantee the quality and reliability of the sewerage system.

Automatic Controls and Low Current Networks

Complex Engineering and Technology Center conducts individual design and development of automation systems based on state-of-the-art technologies and the customers requirements. Our professionals have experience of designing and commissioning many successful projects.

Complex Engineering and Technology Center offers a range of engineering systems automation works:

  • designing automatic controls for engineering systems;
  • designing building management systems;
  • designing the electrical engineering part of a project.

In order for low current networks to operate properly and stably, it is important to design them correctly. At the development stage it is necessary to take into consideration the customers goals in creating a low current network, as well as his styling and architecture requirements.

The project needs to be thought-out in respect to correct positioning of various nodes (switchboards, outlets, relays) and placing wires inside standpipes, as well as to adhere to the existing norms and rules. Experienced professionals at Complex Engineering and Technology Center will help you to carry out a low current network project at the premises of any level of complexity. When you come to Complex Engineering and Technology Center for the development of your project, you can be sure that the low current networks will function without failures or technical problems.

Commercial Refrigerators and Cold Storage Warehouses

Our company is known for its individual approach to every customer. Not only can Complex Engineering and Technology Center offer a standard model of equipment but also design a unique production unit for any industry. Thanks to having our own production base we are able to create commercial-grade refrigerating equipment of any external dimensions and under any conditions specified by the customer.

Our highly qualified engineers will develop an individual refrigerating units assembly project and ensure quality control of the project.